Personal Trainer

Job description

Job Summary:

We are looking for multiple online personal trainer. You are responsible for motivating and guiding clients to train towards their physical fitness goals, which could include losing weight, building muscle, increasing core strength, or improving cardiovascular fitness.


  • Evaluate clients’ fitness levels and health conditions
  • Build individualized exercise programs 
  • Explain exercises in detail and suggest alternatives if needed
  • Monitor progress of client’s fitness levels
  • Lead both individual and group training session via online
  • Build a positive a trusting relationship with customers
  • Advise customers on how to change nutritional and lifestyle habits as needed


Qualifications: The skills, education, and experience required for the position.

  • Knowledge of various fitness programs, from basic exercises to more challenging training sessions
  • Ability to guide and motivate clients
  • Available to work flexible hours
  •  Excellent communication skills