Customer Service

Job description

Need for Customer service & translator in Cambodia.

Workers requirement and salary detail.
Working place: Cambodia - Phnom Penh ( near aeon 2 )
Working hours: 12 hours 30 min a day, one day off per month
:Work requirements:
1 、 Age 18--40 years old, male or female, healthy
2. Possess the most basic computer operation level, strong language organization
ability, good Attitude awareness, good teamwork spirit, positive work attitude
3. Quick thinking, strong adaptability, optimistic and kind, good at finding and
solving problems
The basic salary of Vietnamese person who speaks Chinese : 1,500 US dollars
(including full attendance), the basic salary will be increased by 100 US dollars per
month, maximum is 2,000 US dollars. Basic salary of Vietnamese person who speaks English only : USD 800 full month
working extra 400 (including full attendance) The base salary will be increased by
USD 50 per month, maximum is 1,500. Foreigners who can speak Chinese and
multiple languages can be calculated according to the chinese people.

More more query whatsapp +855-81263152 or on link