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Job description


Job Description

About Onesky (

We are a Game Translation company based in Hong Kong and we are now looking for Top Translators in multiple languages. We have been working on a lot of big projects (e.g. "Strike of Kings" of Tencent, "Tap My Katamari" of Bandai, and "Heroes Charge" of Ucool) and we would like you to join our exciting journey!


Job Responsibilities

- Gaming translation from Chinese (Simplified) into Thai

- Workload shared by the growing team

- Intriguing projects including PUBG and Arena of Valor


Join us if you have the following qualifications

- Major/Minor in languages, translation, literature, or any related disciplines

- Native/ working proficiency in Chinese (Simplified) and and Thau is required

- At least 1 year of experience with translation, interpretation, comic/anime/novel translation or any relevant positions

- Being able to complete the job assigned proactively, accurately, and on time

- Being able to communicate swiftly


Benefits working with us includes

- Chances to participate in large gaming production project

- Working from home with flexible working hours

- Salary negotiable


Recruitment Procedure

1. Apply for this position

2. Communicate with our human resource executive about the negotiable details of the post

3. Complete the applicant test(s) sent by us

4. Getting on board 


Apply now!