Content writer

Job description


1.Based on the products at, produce attracting contents including articles, images, cartoons, videos, etc

2.With thorough understanding of blockchain industry, able to follow the trends and understand customers

3.Solid understanding of international financial market, knowledge of financial and ability to identify, analyze, and communicate trends

4.Analyze and provide actionable insights on monthly financial results, complete trading reports or market reports


Job Requiremetns

1.Recognize the brand of or being a loyal member of

2.Fluent in English and mother tongue

3.Undergraduate degree or above in business, finance, economics, IT, or user experience preferred

4.Passionate about blockchain industry, knows financial market principles, able to compile and analyze statistical data using modern and traditional methods independently

5.Solid understanding and ability of the market

6.Strong analytical and critical thinking skills, ability to communicate concisely and clearly

7.Team player, ability to work effectively in a team environment