Business Development Manager (Orthopedic Medical Devices)

Job description

  • Create new business opportunities in Vietnam markets in the Joint Reconstruction business and drive accelerated sales through creating new distribution networks
  • Quickly Identifying market opportunities and potential, market access strategies including regulatory and other mandated and statutory approvals, pricing, distribution strategy and relevant distributor identification, distribution and sales team selection and finalizing and executing all transaction agreements while ensuring full compliance in all processes and actions.
  • Planning monthly/annual sales targets and executing them in given time frame
  • Preparing sales and regional marketing plans for promoting complete Recon range – Orthopaedic Implants. Forecasting Distributors implant order on monthly basis. Working closely with Shalby Advanced Technologies/Consensus, our manufacturing arm in the US to ensure seamless supplies and logistics through continuous co-ordination between sales/marketing, supply chain and finance between Singapore, US and India
  • Develop a KOL network and platform for Clinical expertise knowledge sharing.
  • Sourcing leads from interested Hospitals for franchisee model under SOCE in Vietnam, business development for new franchise acquisition and launch of new clinics under SOCE.
  • Implementation of Shalby’s SOPs at all hospitals to achieve and provide highest quality of orthopedic healthcare service.
  • Complete business planning and execution to achieve sales targets of Hospitals.
  • Work closely with Associate Vice President in India, CEO Consensus in the US and Vice Chairman/Global President in Singapore to constantly align with the regional direction and strategies in order to achieve healthy sales growth with healthy profits.