Trợ lý tiếng Trung

Job description

---Job requirements:
1. Language: Chinese, English.
2. College graduate, business administration major or other related majors
3. Proficient in office informatics softwares
4. Priority has experience as an assistant to the director
5. Always willing to work together for the common goals of the company
6. Ensure to complete the assigned work as required and withstand high work pressure
7. Agile, honest, careful, dedicated, have a high sense of responsibility and passion for the job

---Job description:
1. Receive and convey the ideas / instructions of the Director to the individuals and departments concerned and monitor, urge and inspect the work of the departments
2. Receive, check and submit documents, check and respond to emails, letters, invitations, ... under the direction of the Director
3. Receive information from departments and report back to the director
4. Assistant to the director of internal affairs, foreign affairs, meeting and trade
5. Perform the secretarial work for the director in meetings with partners or departments
6. Administration warehouse administration.
7. Perform other jobs as requested by the Director to ensure the effective operation of the company